Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research (ACAAR)

Fremantle (Maritime) campus

The Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research (ACAAR) is a world-class facility for marine finfish research, being well-recognised and respected throughout Australia and the world.

Challenger's aquaculture students have the opportunity to participate in ACAAR activities, including the production of live feed for fish culture, the handling and culture of fish, the design and management of aquaculture systems, the transportation of live fish and fish products, and the application of knowledge and practical skills for scientific research.

ACAAR's primary role is to:

  • Complete research in both marine species and other aquaculture areas
  • Provide products, consultancy, research and development, and other services of practical application to WA industry.
  • Restock fish species
  • Contract fish production on a commercial scale
  • Handle research and consultation in live fish transport
  • Undertake academic studies, often in collaboration with relevant agencies such as universities and research institutes.

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